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First Benchmarking Workshop (2nd of July, 2021)

ANDANTE held its first benchmarking workshop online on the 2nd of July, 2021. The workshop was held online, and it was dedicated to discussing current benchmarking methods and how ANDANTE should approach benchmarking work comparative analysis throughout the project. Benchmarking is as necessary as challenging for ANDANTE, given the diversity of neural network accelerators and the fact that adapting the algorithm to the hardware is critical to performance.

Workshop Program

Welcome and Start

  • Introduction : Andrea Dunbar/CSEM
  • Standard benchmarking for machine learning : Siavash Bigdeli/CSEM
  • Useful benchmarking for commercial neuromorphic : HW Dilan Munir/SynSense

Track 1: Tools 1 Methodologies                                                

  • Simulation framework for energy and latency  in multi-core neuromorphic architectures : Stefano Traferro/imec-NL

Track 2: Benchmarking Categories                               

  • Consideration on the real word in use-case-based Benchmarking : Kay Bierzynnski/Infineon
  • Challenges of using medial datasets : Diana Cojocaru/Philipps           

Track 3: Metrics                                                         

  • Impact of HW optimization on KPIs : Petar Jokic/CSEM
  • Easy power extraction with Cadence tools : Erfan Azarkhis/CSEM
  • KPI-aware optimization and design : Maen Mallah/Fraunhofer IIS, Ferdinand Pschidl /Fraunhofer

Track 1: Outlook                                                        

Future of Benchmarking : Simon Narduzzi/CSEM


  • What are the main challenges?
  • What are the current tools? What work is being done?
  • Which direction should ANDANTE project take with respect to these challenges?
  • Use case base benchmarking.
  • Standardisation of Benchmarking.



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