ANDANTE comprise 30 partners from 7 Countries. The project is led by STMicroelectronics (Grenoble 2) SAS. The consortium partners are

  • 3 semiconductor companies to fabricate and design a new generation of ICs with eNVM capabilities.
  • 3 fabless to design a new generation of ICs with AI capabilities for data analysis in the edge. 
  • 4 OEM in charge to develop new and smarter devices for the Edge.  
  • 5 application developers
  • 2 end-users to develop innovative and cost- effective solutions. 
  • 8 RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations)
  • 4 academia (B-INP, UZH, TUD, FAU) to increase their know-how and disseminate it through academic courses, technology transfer to the SMEs and large groups.

ANDANTE is structured in 6 Work Packages to carried out its goals and deliver their associated results.

ANDANTE - Work Package Breakdown
  • WP1 Use case system architectures description and application requirements: Define the use cases architecture, system and applications requirements:
  • WP2 New Memory Technologies for AI applications: Enable new memory technology solutions such as SOT-MRAM for analog compute in memory, high density and low power RRAM and FeFET eNVM.
  • WP3 AI building Blocks, Methods and Tools: Explore and benchmark the different architectures and the neural networks SW to be implemented. Design different Foundation IPs using different type of memory technologies (RRAM, MRAM and FeFETs)
  • WP4 Implementation of ICs and Platforms: Develop different ASICs (mixed-signal SNN, one digital ANN and mixed-signal analog NN), the firmware and the platforms to be used in the use cases.
  • WP5 Applications Integration, Validation and Evaluation: Integrate the HW and SW components to validate, demonstrate, and evaluate, in real conditions, the developed SNN, ANN and neuromorphic hardware prototypes in different application domains.
  • WP6 Project Management, Dissemination and Exploitation: Oversees the project as a whole and ensures the objectives are met on time and within budget. Disseminate the project results and ensure that each partner defines its exploitation plan for business creation.