With respect to the healthcare domain, the first objective is to implement and integrate edge-based DL implementations of medical image analysis algorithms on digital neuromorphic HW and evaluate their performance in multiple healthcare applications, including minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment using X-ray and Ultrasound imaging, as well as personal health monitoring using wearable devices. For the imaging Use case 4.1 Multi-modal image processing and device tracking in medical X-ray and ultrasound images and Use case 4.2 Ultrasound acquisition or processing), the edge-based DL will improve ultrasound beam forming and image acquisition. In addition, intelligent image analysis will lead to intuitive visualization of complex medical data and a simplified clinical workflow. Results will be demonstrated and benchmarked in relevant healthcare applications, including the minimally invasive treatment of patients with structural heart disease.

The second objective is to evaluate the neuromorphic hardware developed in Andante in the context of wearables and portable healthcare devices through the Use case 4.3 Glucose Monitoring. In this evaluation power consumption and size will be key characteristics.