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European EDGE AI Conference held on the 17th-19th of October 2023 in Athens, Greece 

European Conference on EDGE AI Technologies and Applications – EEAI

Edge artificial intelligence (AI) combines AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing technologies to provide real-time collection, processing, analytics, and decision-making. 

The edge AI technologies and applications are constantly evolving and are driving future intelligent control and decision-making by moving AI capabilities closer to the physical world to enable the implementation of autonomous systems.

The development of edge AI is supported by advancements in edge processing devices with novel processing architectures, including CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, ASICs, FPGAs, system on chip (SoC), system on module (SoM), and neuromorphic accelerators.

The expansion of the micro, deep, and meta-edge continuum as part of the novel distributed AI-based computing architectures support the emerging intelligent autonomous systems and applications across various industrial sectors.

The European Conference on EDGE AI Technologies and Applications – EEAI brings together researchers, practitioners, and edge intelligence champions to convey and exemplify their perspectives on energy-efficient edge AI architectures, frameworks, and platforms.

The conference addresses the edge AI foundations, applications, algorithms, software, communication networks, and systems. It allows showcasing the latest advancements in these areas, providing an arena for debating/identifying future directions and challenges.

The European Conference on EDGE AI Technologies and Applications aims to serve as an innovative edge AI platform for exchanging ideas and concepts and feature several leading voices in research and industry supporting the integration of edge AI technologies for advancing future industrial applications.

You can find more details about this conference at: http://edge-ai-tech.eu/conferences-overview/EdgeAI (edge-ai-tech.eu)

The contributions made by ANDANTE during this conference were 6 presentations and 2 posters. As well as a pitch of ANDANTE.


  • Mario Diaz Nava, STMicroelectronics, France Tang, imec-NL, The Netherlands
    “Pitch: “ANDANTE: AI for New Devices And Technologies at the Edge various results”
  • Marko Noack, Ferroelectric Memory GmbH, Germany “ FeFET-based Non-Volatile Memory and AI Accelerator Macro
  • Guangzhi Tang, imec-NL, The Netherlands
    SENECA: Flexible and Scalable Neuromorphic Processor for Efficient Event-driven Neural Processing”
  • Aymeric Deshayes, Laboratoire IMS, France
    Devices for Smart Agriculture Applications: Autonomous Weeding of Vegetables and Vine Health Monitoring”
  • Ivan-Miro Panades, CEA, France
    ANDANTE Platform 4.1a: A Multi-Application Platform Supporting Several Uses Cases in the Domains Digital Farming and Transport and Smart Mobility”
  • Chen Liu, Technische Universität Dresden , Germany
    CA-CFAR is Convolution: Fast Target Detection With Machine Learning Accelerator”
  • Chen Liu, Technische Universität Dresden , Germany
    RANet: An Autoencoder for High-Resolution Range-Angle Maps in Multistatic Radar

You can find more details about these presentations at: https://edge-ai-tech.eu/conference-program-2023



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