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International Workshop on Edge Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications (25th-26th of July, 2022)

The International Workshop on Edge Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications (EAI4IA) was held durint 25 and 26 July 2022, in Vienna Austria. The EAI4IA Workshop was co-organised by three large-scale ECSEL JU projects: AI4DI, ANDANTE and TEMPO, being ANDANTE’s Project Coordinator one of its co-chairs.

EAI4IA comprised 23 technical presentations and keynotes, and 5 panel discussions distributed among 7 sessions focusing on industrial-edge AI hardware, software and AI. It included a presentation of the ANDANTE project itself provided by Mario Diaz-Nava, Project Coordinator, and several presentations by members of the ANDANTE Consortium.

EAI4IA was a multidisciplinary workshop addressing AI technologies at the edge, giving an overview of silicon-born AI components to advance Moore?s law and accelerate the adoption of AI-based edge processing in different industries. Technological advances regarding edge AI embedded in electronic components and systems were presented, and the challenges of introducing embedded AI technologies for digitising industrial sectors were discussed.

Nine papers from AI4DI were accepted for presentation at the workshop. The workshop publications are bundled in an open-access book: Industrial Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Applications (riverpublishers.com).
Link to the book: https://www.riverpublishers.com/research_details.php?book_id=1024
This Workshop was co-organized by the ECSEL projects AI4DI, ANDANTE and TEMPO. The workshop took place between 25 and 26 July 2022 in Vienna, Austria, in co-location with…
ANDANTE was responsible of the organization of the session “Verification, Validation and Benchmarking of AI Systems and Technologies” on 26 July, which featured three papers and a panel discussion. The papers presented were:

  • Neuromorphic Computing Benchmarking for Inference
  • On the Verification of Diagnosis Models
  • Benchmarking the Epiphany processor as a reference neuromorphic architecture

Link to the workshop: https://ai4di.automotive.oth-aw.de/dissemination-2/conference/ei4ai

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