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Second Benchmarking Workshop (25th-26th of July, 2022)

ANDANTE held its second benchmarking workshop as part of the “International Workshop on Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications (EAI4IA)”, on the 25th-26th of July, 2022, in Vienna, Austria. The AI4IA Workshop was co-organised by three large-scale ECSEL JU projects: AI4DI, ANDANTE and TEMPOs.

EAI4IA was a multidisciplinary workshop addressing AI technologies at the edge, giving an overview of silicon-born AI components to advance Moore’s law and accelerate the adoption of AI-based edge processing in different industries. Technological advances regarding edge AI embedded in electronic components and systems were presented, and the challenges of introducing embedded AI technologies for digitising industrial sectors were discussed.

Link to the workshop: https://ai4di.automotive.oth-aw.de/dissemination-2/conference/ei4ai

Benchmarking was discussed during the “Verification, Validation and Benchmarking of AI Systems and Technologies” session on the 26th of July where ANDANTE gave the following presentations:

  • Simon Narduzzi, Loreto Mateu, Petar Jokic, Erfan Azarkhish, and Andrea Dunbar “Benchmarking Neuromorphic Computing for Inference
  • Maarten Molendijk, Kanishkan Vadivel, Federico Corradi, Gert-Jan van Schaik, Amirreza Yousefzadeh, and Henk Corporaal “Benchmarking the Epiphany Processor as a Reference Neuromorphic Architecture”

Two other presentations were given in this workshop by ANDANTE contributors:

  • Preetha Vijayan, Amirreza Yousefzadeh, Manolis Sifalakis, Rene van Leuken
    “Temporal Delta Layer: Exploiting Temporal Sparsity in Deep Neural Networks for Time-Series Data”
  • Simon Narduzzi, Dorvan Favre, Nuria Pazos Escudero and L. Andrea Dunbar Deploying a Convolutional Neural Network on Edge MCU and Neuromorphic Hardware Platforms

The corresponding papers were published in the workshop proceedings “Technologies and Applications of Industrial Artificial Intelligence”, River Publishers, June 2022.

(link to the proceedings): https://www.riverpublishers.com/research_details.php?book_id=1024)

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